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Server monitoring

Version Control



Base System


Finding ports

To do keyword search for ports do the following. Note that ports source must be installed first.

cd /usr/ports
make search key=rsnapshot

A great source for packages/ports are found on

Another way is to install pkg_mgr which is a curses based packages manager which use normal pkg_* tools.

Installing ports behind a proxy/firewall

If you are behind a proxy/firewall it is often neccesary to proxy ftp traffic through http and proxy server. Set the ftp_proxy environment variable according to your company proxy settings. Then you can set the PKG_PATH as usual. ftp will automatically pass ftp traffic using http through proxy server.

export ftp_proxy= http://<proxy_user>:<proxy_pw><port>/
export PKG_PATH=

Package info

Install message (if any) can be displayed using -M flag.

pkg_info -M mysql-server

There might also be an install readme as part of the package.

ls /usr/local/share/doc/pkg-readmes/