Lite Text Editor

Lite UI

The lite is another text editor that can be run on OpenBSD.

Even if the code base is small it looks like a very capable editor with support for most things.

Lite features

Installation on OpenBSD

There is no pre-compiled package of litedesk$ pkg_info | grep gcc

But fortunately it is quite easy to build. This was done on OpenBSD 7.4.

First install dependencies.

pkg_add lua-5.2
pkg_add gcc-11.2
pkg_add sdl2
pkg_add git
pkg_add gmake

Clone repo

git clone

A few patches in build script was necessary.

Make sure this lines are changed to this ...

cflags="$cflags -DLUA_USE_POSIX -I/usr/local/include"

First change change name of gcc compiler to egcc. Second make sure that /usr/local/include is included to allow build to find SDL2 include files.

Build and run