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On this page I have collected some small games that I have created. Also some ideas for new games last.

Retro Gaming

Head over to Commedore C64 Gaming for more retro.

RISK board game

RISK is a well known strategy board game.The goal is to dominate the world by conquering territories from your friends.
Below I have provided the basic items to start build your own game. Also a link to the standard rules is provided.
But the good thing about making your own game is the flexibility to change it in whatever way you want.


map.pdf - The map divided on two halves.

markers.pdf - Markers that can be glued onto thick paper.

cards.pdf - Cards.

Rules - Standard rules from 1959 to 1990.

Have fun making your own game and of course playing it!


MotoDuel is a game fully developed in Java. The current version is in a very early stage but you can get a feeling of the dynamics of the final game.


The goal of the game is to roll your wheel as fast as possible to the end (to the right) of the course. In this EARLY version the game does not end when you reach the end of the course.

Use the following keys to control your vehicle.

Player 1

E - Positive Gauge
S - Negative Gauge
Q - Reset Gauge

Player 2

9 - Positive Gauge
5 - Negative Gauge
7 - Reset Gauge
(On num. keypad)

Try the game using Java Web Start software from Sun. Clicking the link below will start the game. If you don't have Java installed (JRE 1.5.0) you will be directed to an appropriate download page.

Play MotoDuel 0.1

Check what version of Java you have currently installed.


This game is in a very early state. Several improvements can be made.

Level construction

MotoDuel support a simple script language for building levels. The format is defined as follows.

# Command Summary (0.1)
# comment                                                        						
Level, <name>
Score, min, max
Start, x, y
Line, filled=true,  x2, y2
Line, filled=false, x1, y1, x2, y2
Line, filled=false, x1, y1, x2, y2, trans_front, trans_back
Arc,  filled=true,  x2, y2,radius, pos_curv
Arc,  filled=false, x1, y1, x2, y2, radius, pos_curv
Arc,  filled=false, x1, y1, x2, y2, radius, pos_curv, trans_front, trans_back
Goal, x, y, w, h      (relative previous x1,y1)
Diamond, x, y, w, h   (relative previous x1,y1)

The first level 'Simpli-city' is defined by the following simplicity.dat.


Soduko is a popular crosswords game with number instead of words. The playfield consists of 9 times 9 squares. In each of these squares an integer between 1 and 9 shall be be inserted. The constraint is that each row, column and 3 times 3 square shall contain all number between 1 and 9.
Initially the playfield have a number of numbers already set. The task is to fill in the remaining squares. Depending of the initial board the Soduko may be more or less difficult to solve. The example below is very hard to solve. Try it!

Soduko Solver in SmallTalk

If you didn't succeed you may try the Soduko solver I have developed below. It is developed in Smalltalk using the Squeak environment.
To run the solver you need to do the following:

Hope you will enjoy Soduko, Smalltalk and Squeak!

Minimal Soduko Solver in Java

An alternative solution, developed together with my collegue Tobias (wrote the code). The focus in this solution was code size and not beuty. This solution is developed in Java and can be downloaded below.

Soduko.jar - Executable jar file. Run as java -jar soduko.jar initial_soduko_table

Soduko data is entered as a single line starting from top left square and normal reading order. Unspecified squares is entered as a dot. '.'.


java -jar soduko.jar 8..6....2.4..5..1....7....3.9...4..62.......87...1..5.3....9....1..8..9.4....2..5 - Source code for the java solver.

Paradroid Ringsignal

Paradroid is probably the best game ever made on Commodore 64 platform. I don't really have anything negative to say about this game. Excellent idea, sound, graphics and playability. As tribute to Paradroid I have extracted part of the inital music (or sound) that can be used as ring signal for you mobile.


ParadroidRingsignal64.mp3 - Paradroid intro music MP3 ring signal.

After this download you should be able to identify your own phone !

Open Texas Hold Em Server (OOPS!)

Check in out here. Please send a mail if you want to add an account and try it.

Flux Adventure Quiz

This game is in really early stage. Check out work in progress here.

AutoDuel Racing Game

This game is in really early stage. Check out work in progress here.

Interactive Fiction

Also see twee2, ficdown and squiffy as alternatives to twine.

A simple text format which is parsed and stored in a sqlite database and viewed either through command line or a webpage would be a very simple solution. No need for complicated javascript solutions.



Game Architecture



Some game ideas.

Small ruby games

Small Ruby Games

Independent Game Development