BattleCars for the ZX 48K Spectrum was an EARLY inspiration from beginning of 1980'ies.

I played a "very slow" GURPS role playing game AutoDuel.

And a computer based version of it on Atari.

There was also a Kickstarter campain game which seemed very promising.

This game ...

My version of AutoDuel has a few goals.

In current state its far from achieving these goals. But the the car dynamics are quite ok.

Below you see a screenshot from the current development version.


AutoDuel is still a very simple prototype of a time track racing game. But it could be developed to be a more BattleCars like game in the future.

The closest inspiration for current version is Gene Rally 2 which is really fun, but unclear if it will finish.



  1. Download pre-built binary for Windows (64bit) or Mac OSX
  2. Unzip or untar package
  3. Start application

On Windows ...


On OSX ...

tar -xzf AutoDuel_OSX.tgz


Build from source

It's quite easy to compile on your favorite platform. The following OS'es has been tested.

Follow the below guide to make your own install.

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of Haskell Platform

  2. Install Haskell Platform for your platform

    a. (includes glut)

  3. Update cabal repos, cabal update

  4. Update cabal, cabal install cabal-install

  5. Install gloss, cabal install gloss

  6. Install juicy, cabal install gloss-juicy

  7. Compile, ghc -O2 -o AutoDuelBuild AutoDuel.hs (10 MB)

  8. Strip binary, strip AutoDuelBuild.exe -o AutoDuel.exe (5 MB)

  9. Run, ./AutoDuel.exe

  10. Compress, zip AutoDuel.exe freeglut.dll (1 MB)

Om Windows you may need to install freeglut. Get it from e.g. here.

Model Dynamics

The model is shown below.

Engine Gas Pedal [-1,0,+1] Brakes Brake Pedal [0,1] Rear/Front Split Rear/Front Split Steering Steering Wheel [-1,0,+1] Rear/Front Split Tire Slip (Front) Wheel Model (Rotation, Inertia) (Front) Chassi Model (Velocity, Rotation etc.) Wheel Model (Angle) (Front) Wheel to Surface Calculation Torque Max reverse torque Angle Torque Wheel to Surface Rotational Torque Max reverse torque Wheel Forces Axle Force Chassi movement Wheel to Surface Velocities (rot, side)