Fossil SCM on OpenBSD and MacOS

Setup a local fossil repository

# pkg_add fossil
$ mkdir source
$ cd source/
$ fossil init dittlag-app.fossil

Open up browser at http://<server>:8080/index

Make repository available to others

Start up server

$ fossil server dittlag-app.fossil

If you have a nginx web server installed it is easy to reverse proxy to the local server started in last step. Add this to your nginx.conf file to make it point to your fossil server. You should also make sure it starts up at next boot of course.

server {
    listen          80;

    location / {
        proxy_pass http://<server>:8080;

Install Client on MacOS X Lion

curl -O
mv fossil /usr/local/bin/
fossil help

Clone Repo

mkdir dittlag-app
cd dittlag-app
fossil clone http://peter@library:8080 ./dittlag-app.fossil
fossil open ./dittlag-app.fossil

Run under NGINX

fcgi-cgi is a wrapper around CGI applications to support running them under FastCGI for use with webservers such as nginx and lighttpd 2.x which do not support running cgi scripts/binaries directly.

This may be used to make it run under NGINX.