Simple install

See Instiki for more information

Enhanced with MathML and SVG support

MathML example

$$\int_a^b {\left( {\alpha f(x), + \beta g(x)} \right)dx = } \alpha \int_a^b {f(x),dx} + \beta \int_a^b {g(x),dx} $$

SVG example

<g stroke="#fa3">
  <circle r="6" cx="24" cy="16"/>
  <circle r="6" cx="51" cy="88"/>
  <path d="M35,39a16,16 0,1,0 4-5l-11-13M50,62l1,20"/>
<g stroke="#a38">
  <circle r="6" cx="72" cy="13"/>
  <path d="M37,23a27,27 0,0,1 39,24M68,18l-5,7"/>

<g stroke="#e33">
  <circle r="6" cx="49" cy="46"/>
  <circle r="6" cx="11" cy="62"/>
  <circle r="6" cx="89" cy="58"/>
  <path d="M16,60l8-4M56,73a27,27 0,0,0 19-19l8,2M45,73a27,27 0,0,1-17-43"/>

Installation steps

See Jacques Distler's Instiki patch for more information