Tweak GEdit fo Ruby On Rails developement

General tips

This assumes gedit 2.20.x

Add support for .rhtml syntax highlighting.

cd /usr/local/share/mime/packages/
cd /usr/local/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/

Enable the following plugins in gedit preferences. These are included by default

Add the following plugins from gedit at

Below an example plugin classbrowser is installed.

pkg_add ectags-5.6
tar zxvf gedit_classbrowser-0.2.1.tar.gz
cd gedit_classbrowser-0.2.1
mkdir ~/.gnome2/gedit
mkdir ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins
mv classbrowser ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins
mv classbrowser.gedit-plugin ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins

Restart gedit and enable classbrowser plugin in prefereces.


GMate on OpenBSD

py-webkitgtk - Todo-List plugin and Find in Project plugin
python-sexy - Go to File plugin - Not available?
pyinotify - Gedit Open Files and SnapOpen plugins - Not available?
ack-grep - Faster Find in Project - Not available?

pkg_add gedit                                                                                 
pkg_add gedit-plugins