Install Firefly Media Server on OpenBSD


Firefly Media Server is a media server that can be used with e.g. SoundBridge. Firefly Media Server was previously named mt-daapd but is now sponsored by Rokulabs who develop Soundbridge product.


Install mt-daapd package and zeroconf server Howl. Howl is not supported anymore, but it works fine for me and there is a ready to use OpenBSD package for it.

pkg_add <FTP_SERVER>/OpenBSD/4.3/packages/i386/mt-daapd-0.2.4p1
pkg_add <FTP_SERVER>/OpenBSD/4.3/packages/i386/howl-1.0.0p0

Create a configuration file for Howl. The name of the Howl service is mDNSResponder so we create a /etc/mDNSResponder.conf file where the mt-daapd deamon is advertized.

"Music Jukebox" _daap._tcp.     local.  3689

Edit mt-daapd configuration file /etc/mt-daapd.conf with your specific installation parameters e.g. music library location.

Start up mt-daapd and mDNSResponder. Add these lines to /etc/rc.local if you want them to be started at boot.

mt-daapd -m
mDNSResponder -f /etc/mDNSResponder.conf

mt-daapd actually includes a zeroconf implementation (Bonjour ) but currently there is a problem with it in OpenBSD. Check the logfile /var/log/mt-daapd.log to see how it works in your version. If the internal mDNS server works you don't have to use Howl (it works fine in OpenBSD 4.5). The -m option turns off the internal mDNS server in favour of Howl.