Blinky with Zephyr and platformIO

First install platformIO. For instance.

brew install platformio

Get sample for my nRF52140 DK board.

git clone

Go to sample project

cd platform-nordicnrf52/examples/zephyr-blink

Take a look at platformio.ini and exclude build targets if you like.

Build the sample

pio run

Connect the board via USB and upload the sample

pio run -t upload

Unfortunately it doesn't work (no LED blink). All Zephyr samples so far has failed.

But another example actually does work.

cd platform-nordicnrf52/examples/zephyr-ble-beacon
pio run -t upload

Check the advertisement using e.g. nRF Connect app.


Search for a library

pio lib search -f zephyr -p nordicnrf52 qr