Password store like 1 Password

Password management is a huge problem still existing on the internet.

  1. You should not use the same password on different sites
  2. Passwords should be complicated

My strategy:

  1. Use single sign on / social login whenever possible
  2. Use a password manager for other sites

So I looked for password managers. 1Password is not cheap. 5 USD / month for a family account. Another concern is if its working on every browser e.g. on OpenBSD.

If I build one myself.

First idea was to make a javascript local "deterministic password generator" available from your browser. But that has some disadvatanges.

Another approach is to keep a secure password storage on the cloud.

  1. Use social login to access the main page.
  2. Select site in dropdown or fuzzy search.
  3. Enter master password to decrypt locally.
  4. Show stored user/password for site.

This should be safe and available on all browsers and reasonably easy to use.