Install Haskell on OpenBSD 5.2

Install GHC

First install the GHC haskell platform metapackage.

pkg_add haskell-platform

Install blank-canvas

pkg_add hs-transformers
pkg_add hs-stm
pkg_add hs-containers
pkg_add hs-unix-compat
pkg_add hs-snap
cabal install blank-canvas

Install of gloss fails on dependency to OpenGL which should be installed from package hs-gloss.


Install on OpenBSD 5.1 (amd64)

Install of haskell-platform fails because freeglut cannot be installed.

# pkg_add freeglut         
Can't install freeglut-2.6.0p0 because of libraries
|library GL.12.0 not found
| not found anywhere

Install on OpenBSD 6.0 (amd64)

pkg_add haskell-platform