Play YouTube in OpenBSD

Use gnash

One option is to use GNU Flash implementation, gnash. Install it via packages. The package includes both a stand alone application and firefox plugin.

pkg_add gnash-0.8.0p3

To make the firefox plug known by firefox make the following symbolic link.

cd /usr/local/mozilla-firefox/plugins
sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/mozilla-plugins/

Unfortunetely the current gnash version seems to be limited to Adobe Flash version 7. And e.g. won't work. Have to wait for some updated versions ...

Use gecko-mediaplayer

First you need to add media player support in you browser. This conveniently supplied in the following packages.

pkg_add gnome-mplayer
pkg_add gecko-mediaplayer

To remove flash requirement from e.g. YouTube you also need a greasmonkey user script. This script provides new video links below the view window. By clicking these links the video is played through mplayer plugin.

Use GreaseMonkey user script

First you need to install greasemonkey plugin.

Greasemonkey - Click in download

Then install the following user script into grease monkey.

Youtube without Flash Auto - Install user script

Use Firefox addon

Install flashvideoreplacer plugin.

Use MiniTube Application

See more info on.

I had a problem with to play the videos on OpenBSD 5.0 / minitube 1.43. I tried to install phonon from ports but that did not do the trick. Is 1.43 incompatible with current YouTube?

Download scripts

yt and youtube-dl are packaged scripts that can be used to download youtube videos. Just install them using pkg_add.

minitube is a native client to view You Tube streams.

Video conversion