Embedded Alarm Clock


The perfect alarm clock should have the following features




Using rotary encoder

Possibly mode selection, time setting could be selected using a rotary encoder knob.

State diagrams

Preferred state diagram only using a SET button and a rotary UP/DOWN button.

An alternative state diagram.

Wifi provisioning

  1. User enter wifi settings on the provisioning server
  2. User setup predefined open hotspot on a phone
  3. Device connect over predefined hotspot
  4. Communicate a common device identity between cloud service and device
    • Device display a short and short lived ID on display which the user enter on the web page
    • User is presented with a short lived ID allocated from provisioning server which is entered to device e.g. using rotary controller
    • Device has a GUID printed on the device which the user enter on the provisioning web page
  5. Device download provisioning information associated with common identity

Physical layout