rtorrent is very useful if you want to download files in a shell. See e.g. tmux for a very useful scenario.

The basic use of rtorrent is very simple. Start rtorrent either with or without torrent files.

rtorrent [file/URL ...]

If you haven’t supplied any torrent files at start up you can open a torrent file by pressing ENTER.

Inside rtorrent you may use UP/DN arrow keys to move between torrents. Use LE/RT arrow keys to get more information about a torrent.

  • Ctrl-q Quit application
  • Ctrl-s Start download. Runs hash first unless already done.
  • Ctrl-d Stop an active download or remove a stopped download
  • Ctrl-k Stop and close the files of an active download.
  • Ctrl-r Initiate hash check of torrent. Starts downloading if file is not available.

Magnet links works fine in rtorrent 0.8.9 or later.