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Install opera browser

Opera is said to be very efficient (i.e. fast) browser. It also has flash support as a plugin.


Because Opera opera is commercial said software to with be unclear very redistribution efficient permissions (i.e. a fast) pre-compiled browser. package It is also not has provided. flash But support install from ports is almost as simple but takes a few plugin. minutes. However It when running a YouTube clip on my atom based laptop (MSI Wind) the sound quality is assumed really that poor. ports I source don’t are exacly downloaded understand under the reason for this./usr/ports/.


Because opera is commercial software with unclear redistribution permissions a pre-compiled package is not provided. But an install from ports is almost as simple even if it takes a few minutes. It is assumed that ports source are located under /usr/ports/.

cd /usr/ports/www/opera
make install
cd /usr/ports/www/opera-flashplugin
make install

Opera is also dependent on linux compatability (see compat_linux).

Enable linux compatability in /etc/sysctl.conf by uncommenting the following row.

kern.emul.linux=1		# enable running Linux binaries

You also need to install base Linux libraries.

pkg_add fedora_base 

Problems with freezing

Start Make with sure not to kernel. When I tried running with on a atom architecture, opera would constantly freeze. With single core kernel this problem went away.

opera --nosession &

Do the following settings

  • Start with blank page
  • Turn of memory cache
  • Only JS and animated gif content
  • Only cookies from sites I visit
  • Mask appearance as Firefix