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Final result

I have now implemented . It is not exactly as first conceived. But please check it out.

It is not exactly as first conceived. But please check it out.


  • No prio. Use default tags instead (high, low).
  • No due date. Use default tags instead (now, today, week, future)
  • Project/Area == Primary tag (must exist)
  • Search row must combine project selection and tag selection.
    • One field with 0..1 project, 0..* tags, 0..* free text. First is always project/area.
    • Dual field which expand right or left. Project selection left, tag selection right.


Item * Summary * Description * Status * Created, Modified, Completed * 1..* Tags (first is always primary)

Tag * Name * Reference to item * Primary? (another way is to look for all tags that have been used as primary tag)


  • Task list (search field, check tasks)
  • Tag editor (also possible to add tags in tag field) – from menu
  • Add task (Checked, summary, description, tags)
  • Task log (same as Task list, but only completed, rejected items)


Primary tags (~project, area):

  • All (a) - default
  • General (g) - default
  • dittlag (d)
  • wiki (w)
  • blog (b)
  • shop (s)

Secondary tags (~area, priority, due):

  • today (t)
  • monday (m)
  • week (we)
  • high (h)
  • low (l)
  • pleasure (p)
  • it (it)
  • w33

Search: (d)ittlag, (h)igh, (w)eek


Summary - Buy APS Description – “” Tags – (s)hop, (i)t

Instant Note (todomodo simplified)

Todo/notes features

  • One web field to task/note input
  • Items are sorted chronologically and by tag (through web interface)
  • Links are identifed automatically
  • Item may be expanded to include image links
  • A simple (-) (+) sign to remove/edit items afterwards
  • Shift-Enter for multi-row
  • All removed items are stored in history

Other features

  • Wolphram alpha knowledge lookup

    • “time in san francisco”
    • “123 sek to usd”
  • Send mail (to default mails)

    • Note about wolphram: Message @gm
  • Send SMS

  • Hoogle, Google, Image search

  • SMS/email reminder