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Ruby file example

Simple Ruby example handling script arguments and files. All text files in a specified folder is printed with line numbers.

 #!/usr/bin/env ruby  # Print all text files in specified folder (with line numbers) def print_files(folder)   Dir.entries(folder).each do |name|     if File.extname(name) =~ /.rb|.txt|.sh|.tex|.lyx|.xml|.html|.htm/ /.rb|.txt|.sh|.tex|.lyx|.xml|.html|.htm|.md/       puts       puts "File: " + name, "r") do |infile|         counter = 1         while (line = infile.gets)           puts "#{counter}: #{line}"           counter += 1         end       end     end   end end  if (ARGV.size == 1)    print_files(ARGV[0]) else    puts "Usage: ./print_files.rb <folder> (e.g. ./pring_files.rb ./print_files.rb .)" end