Simple install

  • Install RoR one-click installer
  • Add C:\ruby\bin to PATH environment variable
  • Download Instiki
  • Unpack instiki source and cd to its base directory
  • Start by ./instiki --daemon
  • Configure wiki in web at http://localhost:2500

See Instiki for more information

Enhanced with MathML and SVG support

MathML example

a b(αf(x)+βg(x))dx=α a bf(x)dx+β a bg(x)dx\int_a^b {\left( {\alpha f(x)\, + \beta g(x)} \right)dx = } \alpha \int_a^b {f(x)\,dx} + \beta \int_a^b {g(x)\,dx}

SVG example

Installation steps

See Jacques Distler’s Instiki patch for more information