Tennis tips 2017



  • Follow forward hand backwards with string between them
  • Don’t throw hand too long backwards compared with body (Ludde)
  • Try to keep stance until ball is hit and turn afterwards (easier)
  • Never adjust direction during swing
  • Follow through with wide swing
  • Axle show the way
  • Light grip of racket (try two fingers)
  • Always side towards opponent
  • Hit ball in front of you
  • Fast going towards ball slow step when hitting
  • Bend knees and raise after ball is hit

Volley (James)

  • Hand fixed go forward with the whole body
  • Racket pointing up in volley play (stronger and ball going upwards)
  • Split-step when opponent hit the ball


  • Hammergrip i.e. pointing finger knuckle on edge
  • Use bodyturn to gain force (Nicken)
  • Left hand up towards the ball
  • Start behind ball to hit forward


  • Hammergrip
  • Ok, to use wrist/arm force (Emil)
  • Use wrist force (only time that is allowed?)
  • Use topspin on second serve. Hit ball more behind of you


  • Take a step forward when hitting, but don’t move feet at hit
  • Feet on your toes
  • Feet can be fast even if swing is slow (ball technique)
  • You can hit ball close to you (not moving backwards unnecessary) just by turning body and lowering the hit
  • Better to hit ball close/offensive than hitting during backwards movement


  • 23.5 medium
  • below give more force
  • softer (natural or filament) strings easier on arm
  • polyester give more force and more spin
  • People use between 17 and 28