That was a real hard setup, but now it seems to be working!

I have been setting up: * OpenBSD * nano * Samba * SSH * Lighttpd * MySQL * Ruby on Rails * Instiki * Compiled JDK 1.4.2

I still need to install Tomcat to get 2ndSell up and running.

Different parts of the site - Static HTML - Test rails application - EMan application - Instiki wiki

Some hard gain tips and tricks during install

  • Make sure that first lite on dispatch.rb is correct. Should point to ruby. #!/usr/local/bin/ruby
  • Create correct database in MySQL referred to from databases.yml. Databases must also be granted access.
  • Filter out /rails app/ string in environment.rb @ActionController::AbstractRequest.relative_url_root = "/instiki"
  • Execute rake migrate in instiki folder to generate instiki tables in MySQL

I have made a similar setup for which I have tried to document as much as possible. See KlagshamnInstallDescription. The result can be found here