Improvements needed in EMan


Top priority

Lower priority

  • Invitations from removed meetings may refer to new meeting if previous was removed.
  • Handle mail sendouts for newly added members. Meetings already sent will currently not be sent to new members.
  • Activation mail is not sent to imported members.
  • Make sure that unreferenced pictures are removed.


New features

Top priority

  • Kunde stått “Mailutskick: Ja (ej aktiverad)” eller annat meddelande
  • Replace google with
  • Include “Cancel” message
  • Copyright notice –> 2007-2011
  • Improve appointment time handling.
    • Add separate timestamp for first accept
  • Add mail to members that havn’t accepted a meeting. Other combinations?
  • Ajax based team searcb.
  • Store time for accept of invitations. Use tooltip to show the date. “1 day ago”, “4 hours ago”.
  • Change mail server to loopia. Requires SSL and ruby 1.8.7 (not yet supported in OpenBSD) or action_mailer_tls. How is smtp_tls related?
  • Add additional backup to tarsnap
  • Add support for Google, Facebook Connect FC rails and OpenID login. Compare with AlternativeTo. OpenID@Google
    • twitter4r - Send tweet for a meeting.
    • Send facebook status update via rfacebooker.
    • Send tip about meeting to facebook friends.
  • Use Facebook Connect to promote usage, include avatar images etc.
  • Improve front page.
    • Add features page. With links to blog items.
    • Add about page.
  • Add donation button.
  • Add logo graphics to invitation mail.
  • Connect your member to you Facebook account. E.g. to enable avatar icons.
  • Automatic image search for inclusion in dittlag. Select from a number of images and make linke be included in text field.
  • Add dittlag.SE news and include in team news. Dittlag.SE news should be different colour.
  • Add day event with no specifc time set. See doodle below.
  • Doodle integration or new poll feature.
  • Forum improvements
    • Show current and next level (by default) in the same view. Use indent for second level.
    • Add expand comments into same view.
    • Add latest comment in händelse. (PARTLY! Hide link för non-logged in)
  • Member icon used in member details and forum etc.
  • Improve graphical design
  • Improve performance RailsPerformance
    • Improve caching
    • Database operations
  • Add meeting categories (premium feature?) (DONE, not tested)
    • How to handle meeting subclasses? (UNRESOLVED)
    • Category name
    • Separate ruleset
    • Exclude members for invitations (NOT DONE)
    • Add different meeting views dependent on category.
    • Reference to ruleset from meeting. Ruleset is common for template and all meetings created with that template. Can this be understood?
  • Infopage improvements
    • Generalize infopage to be used at different places e.g. member show and meeting description (ADDED markup support)
    • Support wrapping of text around images in infopages.
    • Add standard clipart to be used in infopages.
    • Beutify infopage textile help. Add instruction in blog.
  • Use optional wizard at team creation.
  • Notify user when that same email is used before. Remove other element except email address field.
  • Meeting improvements
    • Resend extra reminder manually with additional message.
    • Add meeting summary in mail
  • Add game statistics. Add new ‘Meeting’ type for game. Can it be done in a generic way?
    • Add mini excel tables for statistics. Add link like image and edit directly in browser. Use dabbledb as inspiration.

Nice to have

  • Handle participation in different teams. Maybe by enabling quick switch between teams when logged in.
  • Add support for replacing top logo graphics. (premium feature?)
  • Translate service to english.
  • Include team news in team RSS.
  • Autocompletion in search view (javascript). See e.g. ActiveScaffold (Peter)
  • Show all options always but “grey out” unavailable options due to wrong permissions.
  • Rescale and change format on images for disallowed files. This adds complexity and may affect stability why this is less prioritized (RubyImageScaling)
  • Competitor features - LagetDotSE
  • Change infopage parser to maruku supporting markdown syntax.
  • Improve meeting new/edit
    • Meeting new: Remember last set duration, + alarm
    • Hide advanced features in meeting new (add simple/advanced button)
  • Setting to open up administrator rights to the whole team. Make all memebers assistant mangers.
  • Wrap text around image in “Home” page.
  • Improve password management
  • Use local postfix mail server for better mail performance. (switch server during testing)
  • Add full text search a la ferret
  • Setup customer support e.g. Tender

Done ToDo’s


  • Add new infopage template

  • Sort teams on priority (number of members) when several teams are identified by search

  • Add logging for DeamonMailer “DeamonMailer: Sent reminders for (meeting) and invitaions for (meetings)

  • Fix punktuation in team names for direct links.

  • XHTML error in team/introduction. Text paragraph is surrounded by an extra <p></p>

  • Add Textile Toolbar. Updated editor roundup, TEH update, TEH update, Control.Textarea)

  • Add email statistics in log.

  • Group mail doesn’t work in Outlook. Help in blog added.

  • Add “every 3 weeks alternative” in meeting recurrance. (Bo Pettersson)

  • Logrotation (see link) (Peter)

  • Add .ics file in meeting invitations.

  • Add landscapes to Location e.g. Skåne.

  • Bug: Handle 00:00 in calendar view.

  • Set dynamic copyright notice.

  • Fix texts on “Import”. Tex så står det “Förhandsvisa CSV Import of member’s from file”.

  • Improve security via sanitize() and unescapeHTML(). Only safe HTML is allowed.

  • BUG: Stop unauthorized access to team settings

  • Check possible XSS volnorability on long.

  • Add personal message in member activation.

  • Fix NULL values in people table update people set login_num=0 where login_num is NULL;.

  • Remove inactive players from meeting attendance

  • Order attendance on chronological order

  • Spelling: “Diskutera” …

  • Include weekday in attendance time