OpenBSD Blog

At some point I would like to dedicate a blog for OpenBSD/UNIX related topics.

Post proposals

  • Links to other great guides
  • Solution for WLAN/Ethernet access issue
  • Solution for WLAN access script
  • Setup OpenBSD as a desktop machine
  • Setup Rails server
    • OpenBSD basic install
    • NGINX static pages
    • Rails, Rake with Mongrel
    • Rails, Rake with Passenger
    • Jetty server
  • Setup PF to access test/public server
  • Setup embedded solution using Alix cards
  • Setup TimeMachine server (see)
  • Setup cohereance/mediatomb/minidlna media server
  • 10 great things about openbsd (see)
  • Useful UNIX commands with example
  • Introduce OpenBSD specific technology; OpenSSH, OpenBGPD/OpenOSPFD
  • Introduction of ports/packages system
  • Commercial company using OpenBSD
  • Printing in OpenBSD
  • Scanning in OpenBSD
  • ADSL failover to 3G modem