Map Editor

If you need to extent an existing map with contextual information about walls and areas …

  • Set background image
    • Full flexibility to transform background to make editing as easy as possible
    • Place minimum 3 world coordinates to map background to world view
  • Place nodes
    • Good placement support with actual world coordinates, distances to close walls etc.
    • Support for selecting a group of nodes and do basic transformation on them
  • Create areas
    • Areas are defined by an ordered set of nodes (closed path)
    • TODO: Areas can also be combined by a a boolean operation
  • Create path
    • Paths are defined by an ordered set of nodes (open path)
  • Tags can be associated with nodes, areas or paths
    • Tags can be seen as enums with a unique identifier
      • Tags can be added or subtracted for a group of items
      • Tags can be visualized by fill and line color to make editing easier
      • Tags can have attributes e.g. width=0.5 or material=concrete but that is outside of the scope of the editor
  • Output
    • A default XML writer should output the map data in a standard format