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  • Smalltalk and Squeak - Squeak is a full environment built only using Smalltalk language. Smalltalk has very simple syntax but at same time is very powerful and compact. Squeak contains all the development tools you need as well as some other applications and games. It runs on top of most OS’es. Using Squeak is the easiest way to start developing in Smalltalk which all should try at least once. Smalltalk was invented by Alan Kay and it was designed so that his 5 year old son should be able to develop programs using it. Also check out DabbleDB developed in Seaside.
  • Ruby is inspired by Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp. Ruby is interpreted, dynamically typed and addheres to “everything is and object” as in Smalltalk. Ruby programs are ofter very compact. The new popular web framework RubyOnRails are also based on Ruby. See Ruby Inside for latest Ruby/RoR news. See sample RoR applications here
  • Java
  • Keep It DRY, Shy, and Tell the Other Guy insightful general guideline on how to write “good” OO software.
  • The Computer Language Benchmarks Game
  • LLVM Low Level VM - Used as backend for e.g. OpenCL.
  • Software Engineering Radio
  • HTML5 Rocks
  • Bro Network Security Language

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