Flux Scripting Language

Could support commands like the following …

gold = 1
gold = gold + 1
add "key" to bag
remove "key" from bag
if key in bag then door = open
if gold = 5 then message = "You are rich"
unless door is open then message = "Door is closed"
message = "Kilroy was here"

Or shorter

gold += 1
bag += "key"
bag.key ? open = 1 : open = 0
  • Define a subset of Ruby to support it?
  • Other language? Lua?
  • Define a custom language using TreeTop
  • Datatypes; Integer, Boolean, Set, Dictionary
  • Simple conditionals; if, unless, case
  • Create a Ruby play object where all code is executed with. Store complete state to database after each evaluation. Allow only object instance variables that can be marshalled.
  • Script code may be included in page contents


  • twine - compare with interactive fiction game engines