Layout Improvements

  • Add default team image
  • Harminize background colors
  • Fix button graphics (Peter)

Web Page Examples

“50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006”:

Prototype Layout

MainPage.pdf? MainPage2.pdf? MainPage3.pdf?


Nice to have

  • Member/Meeting import - Add text window to import view
  • Color categorization of meetings
  • Add tabs to mainpage containing; Home, Contact, Teams tabs.
  • Create new header graphics …
  • Forum/News layout (see campfire) (Anders)
  • Gray-out inaccessible options (not manager options!) (connect color with login color).


  • Improve layout of infopages e.g. tables. (see (Peter)
  • Annotate infopage upload links with small upload image (Peter).
  • Integrate tabs/team name/login (see backpackit) (Peter)
  • Notice should be placed below tabs (Peter)
  • Improve layout of page notice. Add border and ‘!’ icon. Only negative feedback? (Peter)
  • Improve meeting layout. (Peter)
  • Add small icons to text labels e.g. meeting appointment answer. Use e.g. Tango Icon Library (Peter)
  • Add footer (Anders+Peter)
  • Round inline buttons (see backpackit) (Peter)
  • Optimize fonts and sizes
  • Move all buttons directly connected to the item to the right.
  • Improve header layouts. Add division line.
  • Sidehead (Anders)
  • Remove News (alt. Members / News / Info) tab. News was actually replaced with Forum
  • Improve list layouts (Anders+Peter)